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20 Most Hilarious Nursing Memes
Posted by UHC Staffing on June 10, 2021

20 Most Hilarious Nursing Memes
Nurses have to work in a high-pressure environment constantly, and it can become stressful. Most nurses have found that humor is the best tool to cope with stress. Laughing can help nurses feel happy, cope with burnout, and ease the tension. Happy nurses mean happy patients, so laughter is imperative! These are some popular nursing memes common among various medical staffing agency in california. Read what keeps nurses going and crack it to liven the environment when it gets too tough!

  1. Showering won’t be enough today; I will need to be autoclaved
  2. Intermittent fasting is a new diet trend? If you are a nurse with poor staffing ratios, you do intermittent fasting every shift.
  3. Nurse 1: “Hey, you going to sleep?”
    Nurse 2: “Yes, now shut up!”
    Nurse 3: “You forgot to chart that 4:30 PM narcotic”
  4. I am sorry, honey, Mommy’s a nurse… So we only go to the doctor when we’re dying.
  5. “You can’t fake sick with me.” “Mommy’s a nurse.”
  6. Nurses silently utter “WTF” at least 20 times per shift.
  7. Q: Why are nurses afraid of the outdoors? A: Too much poison IV.
  8. “Can I speak to your charge nurse, please?” “I am the charge nurse.”
  9. When you are chilling in the supply room to escape your patients, and someone walks in.
  10. I suspect the cause of death was that his whiteboard wasn’t updated.
  11. RN: “For Christmas, I want a dragon.”
    Admin: “Be realistic.”
    RN: “Okay, I want a fully-staffed nursing unit.”
    Admin: “What color dragon do you want?”
  12. “Should I sleep, or should I shower?”
  13. “I could sleep in the shower, but I am also starving.”
  14. “Who says nursing is stressful?”
  15. Weary nurse: “I am 39, and I feel great!”
  16. My fitness goal is to be able to do two minutes of CPR without looking like I need to be coded myself.
  17. “I could die, and my job would get an ouija board and ask if I got someone to cover my shift.”
  18. When someone asks if I became a nurse so I could marry a doctor.
  19. When people ask why I chose to nurse. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”
  20. A nurse sitting down and relaxing is clearly photoshopped.
  21. The moment when you draw blood from a patient after 15 people before you failed.
  22. “Haemoglobin came back 6.8. So I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.”

Humor can be a great strategy to take a break from nursing school. When your job as a nurse practitioner Illinois is getting too weary- don’t forget to laugh!



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