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Inspirational nurses to follow on social media
Posted by UHC Staffing on August 11, 2021

If you are looking for reasons to pursue nursing, what’s better than to find your inspiration on social media? Across the world, nurse bloggers and influencers have become really popular, and they have a great following and serve as role models for millions of aspiring nurses.
These nurses not only share funny and relatable stories from their shifts but also share tips, motivation, and the strength to carry on during tough times.
Once you feel passionate enough, reach out to a medical staffing agency in california, and learn about the path to your dream career.
Here are our picks for the best inspirational nurses to follow on social media!

Donna Cardillo
Donna Cardillo travels the world and imparts her nursing wisdom. She offers inspiration and motivation to nurses, encouraging them to reach their full potential. She shares stories from her career and strategies she has learned as a nurse over the years.

Beth Hawkes
Beth Hawkes, or “Nurse Beth,” has more than 25 years of experience in clinical and leadership positions in the nursing field. She is now a nurse writer at AllNurses.com and Nurse Code, where she helps other nurses by providing informative and practical tips. She is also a career advice columnist and is worth a follow!

Clara Jones
Clara Jones is the founder of The Asian Care Unit (ACU), and she posts about AAPI mentorship, self-reflection, empowerment, and how to get ahead in your nursing career. She also advocates for AAPI providers, patients, and students, and covers topics ranging from mental health, what it is like to be a nurse practitioner, gynecology, etc.

Jasmine Win
Jasmine Win’s account is different from a conventional nurse influencer’s. She shares glimpses and stories from her life as a labor and delivery nurse and also shares fashion inspiration, vlogs her travels, and food adventures. Jasmine loves the finer things in life, and she encourages nurses to dream big. Her account also has helpful tips for first-time moms.

Blake Lynch
Blake Lynch, or “Nurse Blake,” received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Florida and encourages more and more men to enter the female-dominated field of nursing. He has a huge social media following, surpassing 600,000 followers, and has participated in major projects such as Nurses Support Their Young and The Banned4Life Project. He uses comedy to educate and also has a YouTube channel.

Remember that you are not alone when presented with a difficult nursing challenge! These accounts will remind you why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place.
If you like traveling and also want to become a nurse, you can have the best of both worlds and opt for travel jobs San Francisco. The options in the healthcare industry and now abundant- choose what your heart desires!


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