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Travel Nursing Jobs Illinois
Travel Nursing jobs Illinois

If you love going to new places and interacting with new people, while serving humanity, then travel nurse job is perfect for you. Given the current scenario, wherein people have started living a “new normal”, we have understood how much the healthcare system and the society at large rests on the able hands of the nursing staff.

Any healthcare crisis situation leads to great demand for nurses across the country, and during such emergencies travel nurse help in filling the vacancies. There is a great demand for travel nursing jobs Illinois and everywhere across America.

Why is travel nursing jobs so lucrative?

Many nursing professionals want to pursue their career in healthcare as travel nurses. But what makes this career so lucrative is:

·         Choose the job location: if you want to venture into the world and see new places, then this profession will allow you to choose a location as per your convenience.

·         Choose the facility: whether you want to work in a teaching hospital, a private clinic, or care home, you have 100% choice in your place of employment.

·         Choose the duration: unlike other professions, travel nurses can choose the time and duration that they want to work at a particular place.

Excellent pay packages for travel nursing jobs Illinois

One of the perks of travel nursing jobs Illinois and elsewhere is the excellent incentives and pay packages that they receive for their services.  According, to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for travel nurses will increase by 19% between now and 2022. The salary of a travel nurse depends on primary factors like location, speciality, years of experience, shift, and the urgency of the hiring facility.

Travel nurses can receive salary on an average of $75,000 and even as high as $100,000. In a travel nursing job, you receive both taxable and non-taxable payment. Non-taxable stipend includes housing, meals, travel reimbursement, and other incidentals. Travel nurses also receive insurances with coverage for medical, dental, and vision.

One important aspect for travel nurses is their housing facility incentive. There are 2 kinds of housing options:

·         Agency placed housing: the staffing agency provides basic rented property close to the place of employment

·         Housing stipend: this is a more lucrative option opted by seasoned travel nurses, the nurses receive a non-taxable stipend based on average cost of living.

Pre –requisites for travel nursing jobs Illinois

·         Flexibility: so that you are able to adapt to new working environments

·         Communication skill: to have a better understanding of the working conditions

·         Learning skill: adaptability, analytical skill, and quick understanding is required to thrive in crisis situation

·         Education: a minimum of Bachelor’s degree and licensing and education of a Registered Nurse is required, with 1-2 years of permanent clinical experience. Keep the licensing upto date.

UHC Staffing the best partner for travel nurses

Travel nurses need to be associated with staffing agency to gain employment in various locations.  With years of experience, UHC Staffing help potential candidate find the most lucrative job with maximum benefits. We have extensive network with various healthcare facilities, making us provide you with placement opportunities in all 50 states. 

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