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Occupational Therapy Assistant Jobs
Occupational Therapy Assistant Jobs

According to the reports of the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), employment level for occupational therapy assistants will see a growth of 43% by 2022. This is a rapid rate of progression has given a fair beating to the average progress rate of other professions. Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA) treat patients with disabilities, mental and physical health problems with rehabilitation, under the directions of an occupational therapist (OT).
This is an ideal profession for those who want to serve the disabled and mentally or physically impaired people. With the right degree and specialisation to your name, this profession can become a very promising career choice for you. While an associate's degree will entitle you as a certified OTA, bachelor's, master's and dual degrees will enable you to practice as an independent OT.


Skilled Required by OT

A great COTA must have several good qualities.
Excellent communication skills are critical because he will have mostly to deal with impaired patients.
1) COTA needs to be an excellent listener and a clear speaker so that the patient does not find it difficult to follow the instructions.
2) Sensitivity, patience and compassion are also very essential to sustain in this jobs. Patients do not always progress very quickly or cooperate smoothly. But the COTA must not let frustrations get into his system while working.
3) There might be times when the COTA will have to put his fitness into the line. Stretching and lifting might come into the work, and the person needs to be fit enough for that.




Being a COTA you receive good payment for your services. Your job location and company size also have a strong role in determining your pay. Necessarily the job satisfaction here is much higher than the other national jobs.



Duties of OTA:

1) Assist in providing rehabilitation services to patients suffering from physical or mental problems
2) Monitor the patient's health issues and react accordingly to make sure they are provided necessary support.
3) Helping patients with the rehabilitative exercises suggested by the OT.
4) Maintain and order equipment which is essential for the rehabilitation phase and gives regular reports to the doctor.



Great workstations

COTAs are expected to be very originative in their approach while assisting the disabled people in living a healthy life and performing the daily demands of life. While the very first image of COTAs working with their patient will undoubtedly feature a hospital or a physiotherapy centre-kind of a setting. But their work demands have brought them to different work settings and environments as well. Their popular work surroundings include nursing homes, home care settings, rehabilitation centres and physical therapy offices, schools and many more.
While the future of COTA looks very promising and bright, it may not be the same for you unless you fit the necessary boxes perfectly. Your personality matters a lot when it comes to qualifying for this profession. But if you can master the COTA job functions, you must seriously consider this as a route to get into the healthcare industry. While the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) asks for a two-year, associate degree to take the licensure exam, the process is even faster with the St. Catherine's University. Their online COTA program enables you to complete the process in sixteen months. And while choosing this as your debut profession in the medical sector, you make sure that you begin with an in-demand job as well.
If you want to get started with {{Occupational Therapy Assistant jobs}}, then you should consider the United Health Care (UHC) Staffing as your foundation. They are renowned for the healthcare staffing since 2004, which will provide you with an excellent idea of the market and the industry. Apply to UHC Staffing as an Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) positions

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