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Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistant Job at United Health Care Staffing

The Physical Therapist Assistant job is a rewarding profession. You can serve humanity along with that earns a decent amount of money. Your main job is to help the patient to become fully functional while recovering from illness. 

While opting for the Physical Therapist Assistant profession you can a chance to work with the specialist team. Getting experience from the work, you can start with the fitness sessions too. You connect with the patient to help them to get into their normal life. 

In the process of the patient’s treatment, you will realize that you helped a person. According to the statistical records of The Bureau of the Labor Statistics (BLS) suggested that there is an expected growth of 41% from 2008 to 2018 in the physical therapist assistant jobs. Annually, the demand is increasing with the rate of 7%. 

PTA job is considered the fourth-best survey job in the USA. It revealed through the rankings of World Report and US News. The majority of the physical therapist assistant jobs are working at the private psychotherapy centers and hospitals. Around 28% of them employed part-time. 

Work Settings Variety 

  1. Nursing Homes: At the [[Ohio]] nursing homes, the physical therapist assistant jobs provides long-term care to the elderly and injured patients. 
  2. Private Practice: In this setting, the orthopedic and physically impaired patients are treated by the specialists.
  3. Acute Care: Physiotherapy treatment provided to those patients who were admitted to the hospital for short-term treatment. The majority of the patients struggled with accidents, trauma, and surgeries. The main objective of the Physical Therapist Assistant is to help the affected person to get back to stability. 
  4. Sub-Acute Rehab Centers: This kind of setting is necessary when the patient is admitted to a specialized medical center that provides medication and rehab too.
  5. Home Care Facilities: PTA goes for the special visit for the treatment of the pediatric and elderly patients to provide physiotherapy at their homes. 

Benefits of Choosing Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Job

  1. Work Satisfaction: Everyone who chose a profession needs satisfaction from his work. Then, the PTA job is for you. It is a less stressful job. In the United States, the retirement age is 60 years old. You can reach at the United Health Care Staffing to get a job of PTA. If you are interested then apply at www.uhcstaffing.com/career.
  2. Job Security: Secure Job Status is a critical thing for a working professional. The vacancies for the PTA are high in numbers. The demand for such kind of professions increased from the past years. Through the records in 2010, around 63.8K working PTA licensed. In the coming years, the demand for the physical therapist assistant jobs will increase at a fast pace. 
  3. Travel While You Work: PTA is a perfect job option for job people who enjoy traveling. You know that everywhere there is a need for a skilled medical professional. Therefore, the job of the PTA is not restricted to a certain location. 

United Health Care Staffing is the best partner for the travel Physical Therapist Assistant 

The PTAs required making their association to get jobs at different locations. With the years of the experience, United Health Care Staffing provides help to the potential candidates. We have an extensive network with the healthcare facilities located in 50 states of USA

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